Modeling Employment-Matches for Anonymous Job Seekers

Indeed Computer Science, 2019-20

Liaison(s): Man Liang, Christiaan Visser, David Arpin, Jai Chakrapani
Advisor(s): Bob Keller (F), Kathleen Breeden (S), Zach Dodds (S)
Students(s): Kira Weiss (PM-S), Garret Conway (PM-F), Josh Cabral, Shihao Lin, NaNa Mathis

Indeed is an employment-related search engine for job listings. Logged-in users offer plenty of information by which Indeed tailors job recommendations. Indeed knows much less about users who are not logged-in. As a result, those users cannot benefit fully from Indeed’s services. This project has tested the feasibility of modeling job-search-related attributes of these non-logged-in users, based on anonymized resume and search data. Our team has explored several techniques for modeling attributes, such as education and experience, for Indeed’s non-logged-in users.