Reducing Energy Consumption in Wet Dry Cycles

Arvind Ltd. Global, 2018-19

Liaison(s): Harvinder Rathee, Dhruvin Savalia
Advisor(s): Sunil Kale (Ahmedabad University), Erik Spjut
Students(s): Nisha Maheshwari (TL-S), Alex Ravnik, Sitoë Thiam (TL-F); AU Team: Varshil Dalal, Anuj Pandya, Het Patel

Arvind Ltd. is a $1 billion revenue Indian textile manufacturing company. The Harvey Mudd College Global Clinic team is working to increase the energy efficiency of Arvind’s textile drying process. In the fall semester, the team recommended changes to the current drying process that will help Arvind recover 10 percent of the energy usually lost during drying. In the spring, the team modeled and prototyped novel, low-energy ways to dry fabric at an industrial level.