Augmented and Mixed Reality for the Driver

Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America Computer Science, 2017-18

Liaison(s): Mark Poguntke, Kavita Saney, Jeff Bertalotto
Advisor(s): Geoff Kuenning
Students(s): Aman Raghuvanshi (PM-S), Julio Medina (PM-F), Drew Summy, Meredith Simpson

The objective of this project is to explore the possibility of using augmented reality (AR) while driving a car. This entails comparing various AR headsets such as the Microsoft Hololens and the Meta 2, and building a functioning prototype that addresses a moving car use-case. The headset comparison involves testing devices in a stationary and moving vehicle, and understanding their respective development experiences. Our prototype application attempts to help drivers park more safely and precisely, and serves as a starting point for the Mercedes-Benz team for an extendable AR headset prototyping framework.