Algorithmic Fairness: Using Machine Learning To Detect Disparate Impact In Geo-based Risk Modeling

Consensus Corporation Computer Science, 2017-18

Liaison(s): Harrison Lynch, Allen Tam, Jing Shen
Advisor(s): Yi-Chieh (Jessica) Wu
Students(s): Daniel King (PM-S), Abby Tisdale (PM-F), Tiffany Fong, Kyra Yee

Consensus Corporation makes point-of-activation software for the sale of mobile phones. This software includes a risk prediction engine, which predicts whether or not a phone plan will be deactivated and the sale deemed fraudulent. The Consensus Clinic Team’s project is twofold: (1) improve this risk prediction engine by incorporating new features and analyzing different machine learning models and (2) detect unintended bias in the risk prediction engine.