Automotive Radar

Northrop Grumman Corporation Engineering, 2015-16

Liaison(s): Michael Aung ’01, Mike Leung ’78, Ron P. Smith
Advisor(s): Christopher Clark
Students(s): Amy (Man Wai) Ngai (TL-S), Paul Jolly (TL-F), Sarah Paek, Jerry Martinez, Paul Slaats (S), Tae Ha Jeff Park (S), Michael Reeve (F)

Automotive radar plays a major role in collision avoidance and cruise control. As radar systems become more prevalent, interference becomes a critical issue. The Harvey Mudd Clinic Team investigated the effects of mutual interference on automotive radar systems by building multiple radar systems and introducing mutual interference in controlled scenarios. The results from the hardware model validate the software simulation that provides a modular platform to test a wider range of traffic scenarios.