Semi-Automated C++ Code Transformations

Intel Corporation with Technion University, Israel Global, 2012-13

Liaison(s): Dr. Ajit Dingankar, Andrey Ayupov, Bob Condon, Thomas Nagler
Advisor(s): Ben Wiedermann, Dr. Ayal Zaks (Technion)
Students(s): Jessi Peck (PM), Jeff Hemphill, Gary Lent (POM), Gal Dalal (Technion), Nir Greshler (Technion), Gal Greshler (Technion)

Intel Corp. designs specialized hardware modules to repeatedly execute data processing algorithms. These algorithms are initially written and tested in C++. Experts then develop descriptions of hardware modules using SystemC (a C++ library for describing and simulating hardware) using the algorithms as reference. The transformation from general C++ to SystemC is slow and repetitive, so we designed a tool that automates parts of the process.