Novel Technologies for Protein Separations

Bio-Rad Laboratories/National University of Singapore (NUS) Global, 2010-11

Liaison(s): Lee Lomas, Matthew Latham
Advisor(s): Todd Clements ’97
Students(s): Heather Audesirk (TL-S), Winfong Lee (TL-F), Alix Chan, Weilu Dai (NUS-TL), Hannah Lim (NUS), She Yah Lim (NUS)

The Bio-Rad Global Clinic team is investigating isoelectric point-based protein separations using solid-state buffers (SSB). This process has applications in disease diagnosis and cancer research, so we aim to separate proteins from samples including E. Coli, plasma and cancer cells. The team seeks to develop optimized protocols for the use of SSB, and to design, build and test a prototype device that is compatible with the SSB, with the eventual goal of producing a marketable laboratory instrument.