Development of a Low-Cost, Rapidly Deployable System for Monitoring Volcanoes

Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS)/Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Global, 2009-10

Liaison(s): Ian McLoughlin PhD
Advisor(s): Mike Erlinger, David Butler (NTU), Law Choi Look (NTU)
Students(s): Nick George (PC), Rebecca Glick (S), Angus Ho, Jackie Lam (TL), Choo Weiqiang Daniel (NTU), He Weijie (NTU), Li Yiyang (NTU)

In conjunction with the Earth Observatory of Singapore, the Global Clinic team designed a low-cost, rapidly-deployable volcano monitoring system to be used on volcanoes in the Sumatra region of Indonesia. The system consists of a network of sensing nodes, which use radio telemetry to transmit data to a base station capable of relaying it to researchers. The network monitors gas concentration, crater deformation, and seismic activity.