Management Data Repository for Open Source Network Management

QUALCOMM Incorporated Computer Science, 2008-09

Liaison(s): Saravanan Balasubramanian, Hanu Pathuri, Ramesh Sathyanarayana
Advisor(s): Mike Erlinger
Students(s): Ben Jencks (PM-S), Joshua Peraza, Sergey Tsalkov (PM-F)

Providing large, networked services involves the operation of many smaller components. A network management system can help quickly diagnose problems when a component fails. In a large network, it is useful to distribute work across several smaller networks, each with their own network management system. The Configuration Management Database Federation (CMDBf) defines a web service to allow communication between different data repositories. We set out to extend Zenoss, an open source network management system, to provide the CMDBf web service.