Prototyping the Spacecraft Onboard Interface

Jet Propulsion Laboratory Computer Science, 2000-01

Liaison(s): Roger Klemm ’87, Peter Shames, Savio Chau, Joseph Smith, Ashton Vaughs
Advisor(s): Geoffrey H. Kuenning
Students(s): Daniel Smith (TL), Kimberly Wallmark, Daniel Stone (Fall)

JPL would like to move away from the traditional practice of designing custom communications protocols for each device and mission, and towards using a layered approach called the Spacecraft Onboard InterFace (SOIF). To that end, the team was to implement TCP/IP on SpaceWire, a wiring bus being designed for spacecraft. Due to difficulties procuring the necessary hardware, however, the team has instead focused on tools to test Firewire, another bus being considered for space use. These tools should be easily extensible for use with SpaceWire.