Transferring Stock in Your Possession

When transferring stock in your possession, you don’t have to contribute the exact number of shares listed on the certificate(s). For example, if you have a certificate for 500 shares and wish only to contribute 100, indicate the amount and we will have a new certificate for 400 shares returned to you.

Option 1 – Deliver the Certificate(s) to us

Mail works fine, but for your protection do not endorse the certificates. Instead, send under separate cover a “stock power” that is signed exactly as the name(s) that appear on the certificate; one stock power is required per certificate.

Option 2 – Request Blank Stock Powers From us

Contact Christine Gomez, director of advancement services, for blank stock powers.

Email, phone 909.607.3162 or fax 909.621.8360 – attn: Christine Gomez. Sign each stock power exactly the way the name(s) appears on the certificate. Do not complete any other field on the stock power. We will do that.

Option 3 – Funding Trusts or Other Planned Gifts

Should you wish to give stock to fund a trust or other planned gift, contact Christine Gomez prior to initiating your transfer. Email or 909.607.3162.