Michael E. Moody Lecture: “Where Math and Physics Collide,” Grant Sanderson

April 3, 2023 Add to Calendar 7–8:30 p.m.

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Popular content creator Grant Sanderson will explore a series of unexpected connections beginning with a simple question of two blocks colliding with each other, where an unexpected occurrence of pi pops up. Understanding what happens involves an unexpected tour through kinematics, optics and—with a little willingness to dive into the rabbit holes that present themselves along the way—quantum computing.


Grant Sanderson is the author of the mathematics YouTube channel 3Blue1Brown, with over 4.8 million subscribers, and 250 million views. The channel is characterized by visualizations and animations that illustrate topics in math, ranging from lessons in linear algebra, neural networks, calculus, topology, algorithms, problem-solving, and more. He also created the open-source mathematical animation software manim, which powers the graphics behind 3Blue1Brown. He is arguably the most popular mathematician on YouTube with video topics ranging from engineering, physics and abstract math to quantum mechanics.

Sanderson studied mathematics and computer science at Stanford University and has worked at Khan Academy and MIT, producing online courses and lectures. He's contributed to numerous publications for mathematics outreach and education, including Quanta, Udacity, Manning and Numberphile.