Office Depot

Harvey Mudd College utilizes Office Depot as its default supplier for office supplies.

In rare circumstances there may be an opportunity for substantial cost reductions that offset the aggregate savings achieved through the deep discounts and administrative efficiencies available from Office Depot. However, since implementation of this program, the Business Affairs Office has audited several large purchases made with other vendors and determined that savings of 20 to 30 percent could have been achieved using Office Depot.

If you order supplies and have not yet been authorized system access, please contact Nabel Haro at She can set up an account so you’re able to login to HMC’s Office Depot webpage. Nabel, who can respond to your questions or concerns regarding the program, can be reached by email at or phone at 909.607.0352.

To set up a new account please send the following information to Nabel Haro at, along with the approval of your supervisor or whomever supervises the GL account number you will be making purchases for.

  • Name of the new user
  • Office building and number (where the orders will be delivered)
  • Phone extension
  • Account number(s) and name(s)

The following tips will help you optimize your savings through the Office Depot program:

  • Plan ahead and make your orders larger—it’s a win-win. Doing this involves less time on your part and keeps Office Depot pricing lower to HMC. Your minimum order should be at least $50.00; too many small orders (less than $10.00) increases Office Depot’s overhead.
  • The catalog price is not HMC’s discounted price; see HMC’s Office Depot webpage for HMC’s contract prices.
  • Always utilize the Best Value items located in the “My Shopping List” categories.
  • When you have questions about a product or an order, call Office Depot Customer Service at 800.269.6888.