Women’s Inclusion in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

WISTEM is on hiatus for 2021

As we continue to adapt to our ongoing global pandemic, we have decided to suspend our Women’s Inclusion in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (WISTEM) plans for 2021. While we are disappointed in these news, we look forward to offering our 6th annual WISTEM program in 2022.

WISTEM is intended for students in their junior year (or equivalent) of high school, who are U.S. citizens, and are committed to the inclusion of women in STEM. Invited WISTEM participants will receive a fee waiver for their 2022 first-year application to HMC.

Website and details will be updated in 2021

The Women’s Inclusion in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (WISTEM) program offers college-bound high school juniors an opportunity to learn about the experiences of women of color in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields and at HMC as they begin their college search process.

WISTEM includes a two-night residential component as well as a nine-month online component. The program is intended for students in their junior year (or equivalent) of high school, who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents and live in the United States and its territories. Both the residential and online components will introduce participants to women of color currently working in STEM fields in addition to preparing participants for college and careers in STEM.

Participants travel to campus, stay in our residence halls, visit classes and research spaces, participate in workshops, hear from HMC alumnae and much more. They also engage in an online program that highlights women STEM professionals and explores college admission and financial aid. The WISTEM program is FREE (including overnight accommodations, meals, and transportation to campus).

Things to know

WISTEM invitees will:

  • Be required to participate in both the residential and online components of the program in their entirety.
  • Get an inside-look into Harvey Mudd and learn about the HMC experience from current Harvey Mudd students, professors, and deans.
  • Interact with other college-bound women from around the nation who share their passion for STEM.
  • Engage with HMC through monthly webinars and assignments (estimated to total 3-4 hours of work per month).
  • Discuss issues of identity and intersectionality by hearing from women of color in the STEM professions, and explore topics relating to college search, admission and financial aid.
  • Receive a fee waiver for their first-year application to HMC.

Students who fully participate in both the residential and online components will receive a letter of recommendation on behalf of the program to be used in their freshman college applications.

Preview this year’s program here:

Tentative WISTEM 2020 Residential Schedule

Program Impact

Comments From Previous Participants

  • “The time spent on your campus during my junior year was truly instrumental to my decision to pursue STEM.”
  • “The overnight stay at Harvey Mudd made me so enthusiastic to begin looking at my prospects for a college education. The students that I met were so inviting and the resources that Harvey Mudd provided me with were incomparable.”
  • “It really helped me get a sense of what I wanted from a college and who I am. I honestly loved every minute (even the hard ones) and am extremely grateful for the memories and lifelong friends.”
  • “I gained deep insights into the college admission process and the pursue of STEM field as a female in college. Harvey Mudd College has a special place in my heart and have given me the experience I would not have had without WISTEM. I am excited to see where our cohorts end up, as well as for the future cohorts of this program.”

Learn more about the impact of the program and WISTEM alumni experiences in our WISTEM Outcomes page.

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