Wellness Resources

Issues Relating to Health and Wellness

Please contact the Office of Health and Wellness (OHW)

7C Health: 24/7 Free Telehealth for Students

The Claremont Colleges is offering 7C Health, a 24/7 telehealth option for students powered by TimelyMD. Through no-cost virtual visits and student focused physicians and counselors, students at Harvey Mudd College can receive help for physical and emotional well-being concerns. 7C Health can address physical health symptoms such as cold and flu, strep, bacterial infections, ear infections, bruises, sprains, and mono. The average wait time for these medical and mental health appointments are 5 minutes. For TalkNow which allows students to speak to counselors, there is also a 5-minute average wait time and a 30 minute average visit. Students now also have the option to schedule counseling sessions with the same provider for up to 12 sessions.

To access the 24/7 medical and mental telecare, download the TimelyMD mobile app or visit 7c.health. You will be prompted to create a profile and register with your HMC email address. From there you will select the type of care you are looking for. These visits are free for students and can be accessed anywhere in the world. For more information, please visit the 7C Health website at https://www.timely.md/faq/7c-health-the-claremont-colleges/.

For Confidential Counseling and Aftercare

Please contact Monsour Counseling and Psychological Services:

*For after hours emergencies, please contact Campus Safety at 909.607.2000.

5C Support Resources

Disability Accommodations

Please contact the Office of Accessible Education:

  • Email: ability@hmc.edu
  • Phone: 909.621.8125
  • Location: Platt Center; Division of Student Affairs (East Wing)
  • Hours: Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–noon, 1–5 p.m.

Resources for Asian Americans

Please contact the Asian American Resource Center for:

  • Asian American Mentor Program
  • Service and leadership opportunities
  • Leadership development

AARC Contact

International Students

Please contact the International Place for:

  • General resources for issues faced by international students and scholars
  • Assistance with new arrival necessities
  • International student/scholar programs

Black Student Affairs

Please contact the Office of Black Student Affairs for:

  • Academic support
  • Ambassador mentoring
  • Leadership development
  • Cultural programming
  • Student engagement
  • Career advising

OBSA Contact

Queer Resource Center (QRC)

Please contact the Queer Resource Center for:

  • Drop in hours with QRC staff*
  • Ally training
  • Free STD testing
  • Speakers Bureau

QRC Contact

*See website for drop in hours.

Reporting Sexual Harassment

Please contact the Title IX Coordinator for:

  • Report cases of sexual harassment

Title IX Contact

Project Sister Crisis Hotline

Please contact the Project Sister Crisis Hotline for:

  • Confidential information and referrals

Project Sister Contact

Project Sister Family Services

Please contact Project Sister Family Services (on-campus resources) for:

  • free confidential counseling and aftercare

Project Sister Family Services Contact

Dr. Nancy Arzate
Phone: 909.607.0690
Location: 1030 Dartmouth Ave.
Hours: Tuesday, 10 a.m.–4 p.m. by appt.; 4–6 p.m. walk in

Office of Institutional Diversity (OID)

Please contact the Office of Institutional Diversity for:

  • Social justice education
  • Identity development
  • Issues related to Diversity

OID Contact

Office of the Chaplains

Please contact the Office of the Chaplains for:

  • Pastoral counseling, spiritual formation and crisis intervention/management
  • Worship services and religious observances
  • Opportunities for community service, reflection, and dialogue through the Multifaith Service Council and collaborative social justice programs

Chaplains Contact

Student Health Insurance

All enrolled students at Harvey Mudd are required to have health insurance, whether through their home (family) insurance or through The Claremont Colleges. Every student is automatically enrolled in The Claremont Colleges’ Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) at the beginning of each academic year; it is the student’s responsibility to opt out of this coverage by providing proof of comparable coverage by the posted deadline. The cost to access the Student Health Center is the same for either private insurance holders or those with The Claremont Colleges’ policy.

Private Insurance Coverage
If students are already covered by an insurance policy and would like to waive SHIP, the online Health Insurance Waiver form must be submitted before September 13, 2022.

Note: All international students will be required to enroll in SHIP

The Claremont Colleges’ Health Insurance Policy (SHIP)
SHIP may be purchased through The Claremont Colleges. For 2022–2023, this annual policy will cost $2,868.00. Access information about the plan aetna or check out the 2022-2023 Student Health Insurance Plan Highlights. Access your medical insurance ID card Print ID Card.

  • Coverage for first-year students will run from Aug. 1, 2022–July 31, 2023.
  • Coverage for returning students will run from Aug. 1, 2022–July 31, 2023.

Students will be automatically enrolled unless they submit a waiver before September 13, 2022. Listed below are dates when you will be able to access the waiver portal.

  • Returning students: Available now
  • Incoming students: Available now

For returning students, information submitted the previous year has been saved. Students will need to reconfirm their healthcare information and resubmit the waiver. Waivers must be submitted every year.

For incoming students, an announcement email from SHIP with a waiver link will arrive in students’ hmc.edu email inbox. Students will need to have their Harvey Mudd student ID number to sign in. See the September 3rd deadline on the Orientation Deadlines page for more detailed information.

Questions should be directed to the Division of Student Affairs at 909.621.8125 or Kim Nykanen at knykanen@g.hmc.edu.