Spring 2022 Student COVID Policies and Guidelines

Return By Jan. 23

All students are expected to be back on campus by Jan. 23 in advance of the start of in-person instruction. Additionally, we need to establish our baseline COVID-19 testing and protocols. This timeframe will enable us to better manage the rate of COVID-19 on our campus and minimize additional strain on our college community. Students who are unable to do so will need to reach out to the dean of students (dean_of_students@g.hmc.edu) office and to the Office of Academic Resources and Student Success to request special exemption from this requirement. Please reach out to academicdeans@g.hmc.edu with any academic questions or concerns.


Testing Positive When On Campus

If you receive a notice from Student Health Services or DSA that you have tested positive, please complete both Harvey Mudd’s (COVID Positive Information Form) and Student Health’s intake forms as soon as possible to receive the appropriate isolation guidance and care.

HMC’s form will be shared with the dean on call, who will connect with you about the isolation procedures. Please isolate in place and do not gather with others, until you have spoken with the dean on call. If you share a space with roommates or suitemates, remain masked at all times unless you are sleeping. If you receive notice that you have tested positive after 8 p.m., you will most likely be moved into isolation the next morning. If you have any questions, feel free to call Campus Safety at 909.607.2000 and ask to be connected to the dean of call.

When students are notified of a positive result, they must complete Once students are released from isolation by SHS, they do not need to test again for 90 days. For any questions, feel free to reach out directly to Student Health Services at 909.621.8222 or the dean of students office at 909.621.8125 or email dean_of_students@g.hmc.edu. For after-hours emergencies or questions, please reach out to Campus Safety at 909.607.2000.

Testing Positive Before Returning to Campus

If you test positive right before returning to campus, please stay home and complete your 10-day isolation there. Also, make sure to email dean_of_students@g.hmc.edu.


Students will work with the dean on call to enter isolation, and if criteria are met and symptoms are not present, may be able to test out of isolation on the 6th day or after ONLY by taking an antigen (not PCR) test scheduled through Student Health Service and receiving a negative result. SHS will reach out to students directly to check on them and coordinate an appointment if eligible. Antigen testing will be conducted in the parking lot south of the Tranquada Building, not at HMC, and students in isolation are not to leave their isolation space unless approved by SHS. Positive and/or isolated students are not to retest at HMC’s saliva PCR testing site. Students who are currently eligible for SHS antigen testing are being contacted by SHS contact tracers directly. Students who complete the full 10 day isolation period do not require a negative test on the 11th day but are still required to be officially released by SHS.

Required PCR Testing Prior to Arriving to Campus

All students should receive a negative PCR test before arriving on campus. Students should submit their test results via this form before arriving. If your student cannot access a PCR test, please email ResLife@g.hmc.edu, and we will provide your student with additional instructions. If your student tests positive for COVID-19 prior to arrival, they should not return to campus until after their 10-day isolation ends and should email dean_of_students@g.hmc.edu. If your student received a positive lab test over the winter break, they should submit documentation (results from a lab, not a take home antigen test) to dean_of_students@g.hmc.edu. Unless exempted, students will be tested twice a week ( for the first two weeks of classes.

Booster Shots

Boosters are required for all students and were due Jan. 11. Students can upload their booster information by following these instructions: Uploading your COVID Booster record (PDF). If your student has an extenuating circumstance and you do not think they will be able to make that deadline, please email dean_of_students@g.hmc.edu.

Mask Requirements

Students, regardless of vaccination status, will be required to wear a well-fitting medical-grade mask, surgical mask, or a medical procedure mask or respirator. Masks are not required indoors if you are actively eating or drinking or alone in a separate room or office.

Masking outdoors is strongly encouraged, unless actively eating or drinking, and is required in dorm courtyard spaces. A similar requirement applies to faculty, staff and approved visitors.

Cloth masks will no longer be acceptable on campus. HMC will provide suitable masks (e.g. medical surgical/procedure masks or KN95 masks) for all students. You will be able to pick up masks from your proctors and the DSA office.

Social Guidelines (in effect starting Jan. 14, 2022)

The Student COVID-19 Advisory Board met and discussed the following social guidelines. Mudd students will be allowed to meet outdoors in small groups, under the requirements described below:

  • Gatherings will be limited to no more than 10 people. Residence hall courtyards will be allowed to have a maximum of four groups of 10 at the same time while socially distanced. QR codes will be placed in the courtyard for students to scan. QR codes will be very important in order to aid with contact tracing.
  • Study groups (no larger than 10) and socializing will only be allowed outside; students must wear face masks, and no eating/drinking will be allowed in this setting.
    • There will be additional tables set up throughout campus for outdoor studying and gathering.
  • Violations of the gathering policy will result in disciplinary action.
  • Regulations for courtyard spaces:
    • Only 10 people maximum per group
    • Groups of 10 or less must maintain social distancing with other groups
    • Masks are required when not actively eating or drinking
    • No food or drink sharing
    • No bar openings
    • Gatherings must happen in designated areas only and using the QR codes
    • All people attending a gathering must scan into the courtyard via QR code
  • No registered events of any kind
    • No dorm meetings
    • No private parties
  • No gathering indoors including Platt, kitchens, classrooms and dorm lounges
  • No non-HMC guests (this includes 5C students)

Isolation Spaces

We have limited isolation space available for students who test positive and as a result we will be having students double up in isolation spaces. We anticipate that once space is exhausted, we will need students and their roommates/suitemates to remain in their residence hall rooms/suites where DSA staff will be able to check on them and deliver meals.

When students have to isolate in place, they will be asked to wear a medical-grade mask in their space. Meals will be delivered (breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, beverages, and snacks). If students are expecting important packages, we will work with them to get them delivered. We will also place cleaning supplies in community/suite bathrooms for students to use.

Suggested Items to Bring to Campus

Pack items you know will bring you comfort if you are sick: cold medicine, vitamin C supplements, Gatorade, etc.

Dining Services Updates

Given staffing levels, we anticipate that we will need to close Jay’s Place for the first two weeks of the semester. Students will still be able to access The Café (grab and go) and The Hoch (green box out).

Student Employees

Student employees will only be permitted to resume work during the first weeks of the semester if they can do so remotely.

Modified Quarantine

Because students will be arriving at different times from many locations, we will be limiting in-person social interactions during the move-in period. In addition to their negative PCR test taken prior to arrival, students must practice a modified quarantine until they have another negative PCR test from Student Health Services. During this time, students are expected to wear a mask anytime they are outside their room, avoid leaving their room for non-essential reasons outside of getting mail or meals or isolated exercise outdoors, and to eat in their rooms or outside. We will adjust social guidelines and after students test negative, we anticipate relaxing our guidelines to allow for limited socialization outdoors.

Dining Services

In light of the Omicron variant’s impact on spring semester planning, several modifications to dining and facilities access will be implemented during the first two weeks of the semester to help protect our community. There will be no eating in the dining hall during the first two weeks of class. Grab-and-go (green box) meals will be available to HMC students and live-on DSA staff only. Students will receive a green box, soup and beverage containers and snacks as well. The Café and Jay’s Place also will be open for students to get grab-and-go meals.

Key Pick-Up

Swipe access will be given to all students at 8am on their arrival date. If you need a physical key to access your room (North, West, and Atwood efficiencies), you can pick up your key at F&M from 8 a.m. to noon and 1 to 5 p.m. After 5 p.m., call the proctor on call when you are on campus to pick up your key. The proctor on-call number is 909.717.7183. If you cannot get in contact with the proctor on call, please call Campus Safety at 909.607.2000. Campus Safety has a roster of early arrival/winter break students and will let you into your room.

Emergency Protocols

In case of an emergency, you can call Campus Safety at 909.607.2000 or the proctor on-call phone at 909.717.7183.