Spring Return Update 2022 from ResLife

Dear Mudders,

The rapid spread of COVID-19’s Omicron variant poses significant new challenges due to its high level of contagiousness and the resulting scale of outbreaks. We expect more cases on campus than ever before in the coming weeks, which will temporarily strain our systems and community in new ways. We will need to adapt and cooperate for public health as the wave of cases crests.

The Student COVID-19 Advisory board will meet next week and send an email with the new social guidelines for the first few weeks of the semester.

Below is critical information about the transition to campus.


Although we will begin the spring semester remotely on January 18, students will need to return to campus no later than Sunday, January 23, and preferably sooner. This will allow us to establish our baseline COVID-19 testing. The residence halls will open on Sunday, January 16, 2022, at 8 a.m. If you can delay your return to campus and arrive after January 17 but before January 23, please let us know by completing Late Arrivals for Spring Semester 2022.

As a reminder, all students need to complete a negative PCR test result before arriving on campus. Students will need to submit their test results via PCR Test Results For Spring Semester 2022 before arriving on campus. We understand that there may be some complications with the testing system nationwide; if you cannot access a PCR test, please email ResLife@g.hmc.edu. If by chance you test positive for COVID-19 prior to your arrival, do not come to campus until your 10 day isolation period is over. If you have received a positive lab test over the winter break, please submit documentation of your positive test result to dean_of_students@g.hmc.edu.

Modified Quarantine

Because students will be arriving at varying times from many locations, we want to limit in-person social interactions during the move-in period. Therefore, besides showing a negative PCR test result taken prior to arrival, students must practice modified quarantine until they have another negative PCR test from Student Health Services.

While in the quarantine period, you will be required to:

  1. Mask anytime you are outside your room.
  2. Avoid leaving your room for non-essential reasons outside of getting meals or isolated exercise outdoors.
  3. Eat in your room or outside (more in the Dining section below).


On Sunday, January 16 the Pomona College Walker Hall and the SHS Tranquada testing sites will be open from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

For the first two weeks (January 17–31), students should test twice a week as follows:

  • Monday 1/17, 1/24: Class of 2025 and 2024
  • Tuesday 1/18, 1/25: Class of 2023 and 2022
  • Wednesday 1/19, 1/26: Class of 2025 and 2024
  • Thursday 1/20, 1/27: Class of 2023 and 2022

For the safety of our community, it is crucial that students follow through on testing twice this week. If you fail to do so, we will ask you to self-report.

Students are expected to continue their regular testing schedule starting Monday, January 31:

  • Mondays: Class of 2025
  • Tuesdays: Class of 2024
  • Wednesdays: Class of 2023
  • Thursdays: Class of 2022

Students currently on campus during Winter break need to test at SHS in TCCS Tranquada between 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday to Friday, once a week until January 14.


In light of the Omicron variant’s impact on spring semester planning, several modifications to dining and facilities access will be implemented during the first two weeks of the semester to help protect our community. The purpose of these modifications is to minimize indoor activities and to maintain nimble staffing if we are faced with larger numbers of cases on campus in the coming weeks.

Due to the impact of the Omicron variant:

  • There will be no eating in the dining hall during the first two weeks of class. Grab-and-go (green box) meals will be available to HMC students and live-on DSA staff only. You will receive a green box, soup and beverage containers, and snacks as well.
  • HMC catering services are unavailable until further notice.
  • HMC Café will reopen for grab and go on January 17 for HMC students, faculty and staff, and others.
  • Jay’s Place will reopen for grab-and-go meals on January 18 for HMC students only.
  • PDRs in Hoch-Shanahan will be closed during the first two weeks of class.

Guest Policy

The latest surge of COVID-19 cases prompted us to reassess our social guidelines.

With this in mind, we are letting you know that we will not allow students to host off-campus guests within their residence hall rooms or on the HMC campus until further notice. This includes both overnight and day guests. Guests are non-5C students or non-enrolled 5C students. We encourage all students to practice these new guidelines to ensure the health and safety of all students, faculty, and staff as we navigate these trying times. A violation of such policies outlined in the handbook will result in the guest being removed from campus and the host being held accountable through the student judicial process.

We understand this is a lot of information to digest and questions may still arise. We encourage you to look over this email multiple times as your answers may be here. If you have any issues or concerns with moving in by January 23 or any questions about the policies listed above, please email ResLife@g.hmc.edu.

We will continue to provide College updates as we know more from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

Thank you and take care.

Housing and Residential Life
Platt Campus Center