COVID-19 Testing Policy for Faculty and Staff

Updated April 8, 2021.


To continue keeping our community healthy and safe, the College is implementing a required surveillance COVID-19 testing program and policy for those who regularly come to campus. Surveillance testing actively monitors occurrences of infection for the population coming to campus. In order to implement this new program, the College is partnering with The Claremont Colleges Student Health Services (SHS) to conduct tests using the rapid antigen tests made by Abbott Laboratories. It is important to note that the testing is only for asymptomatic individuals. If a faculty or staff member displays symptoms of COVID-19, they are instructed to stay home, avoid reporting to campus and consult with their medical provider. SHS will not conduct surveillance testing for individuals with COVID-19 symptoms.

Policy Application

This policy applies to all faculty and staff who are considered essential workers with roles requiring them to come to campus to perform their work. The policy also applies to faculty and staff who choose to come to campus to perform their work and have received approval from their supervisor and area vice president to do so. In addition, this policy shall apply to spouses/partners and family members, over the age of 11, residing in on-campus housing with HMC faculty or staff members. Faculty and staff exclusively working remotely or family members of employees not living on campus, will not be part of the surveillance testing program.

Testing Program Description

Beginning in February 2021, faculty and staff coming to campus regularly will be required to participate in surveillance testing for COVID-19 on a regular basis as a condition of coming on campus. The testing requirement is in addition to the daily symptom screening requirement and compliance with College policies described in the Guide for Faculty, Staff and Student Employees Returning to Campus.

The College is using the following methodology to govern COVID-19 testing:

  • Faculty and staff who come to campus one or more days per week will be required to test once per week;
  • Faculty and staff who come to campus periodically and less than one day per week need to consult with their area Vice President to determine if a test is necessary.
  • If someone tests positive for COVID-19, they will need to isolate for an appropriate period of time in accordance with CDC guidelines. They will be exempted from surveillance testing for three months and will be expected to consult with their medical provider.

All testing will be done by medical providers from The Claremont Colleges Services Student Health Services at no charge. Faculty and staff, as well as family members living on HMC’s campus will be provided with specific times to test during the week and information about how and when to expect test results. Further details will be provided by SHS.

Tests will only be performed within scheduled hours; those faculty and staff who fail to get tested as scheduled should not come to campus and should consult with their supervisor and VP on next steps. Faculty and staff who are on campus routinely should adhere to their approved testing schedules. Schedule changes must be coordinated with the supervisor and VP approval.

The test should be done during work time and non-exempt employees will be paid. However, if for some reason the testing day and scheduled work shifts don’t align, non-exempt employees will be paid for their time to take the test. However, they must coordinate with their supervisor in advance.

SHS will obtain a consent prior to the test. Those who test positive for COVID-19 will be contacted by SHS to initiate the contact tracing process. A member of the Business Affairs Office or campus liaison will also reach out to the individual who tests positive to gather additional regulatory information.


All data and test results will be kept confidential except as mandated for regulatory reporting and campus liaison notification. Specific information on consent forms and confidentiality will be provided by SHS at the time of the test.

Outside Testing

If a faculty or staff member is asymptomatic and chooses to get a COVID test on their own time and at their own expense outside of work, they will still be required to take the test(s) through Student Health Services at the frequency described above.

Symptomatic testing will not be done through this surveillance testing program or by Student Health Services at this time. If a faculty or staff member is exhibiting symptoms, they should stay home, avoid reporting to work on campus and contact their own medical provider for further instructions.


Until different medical guidance is provided by public health authorities and/or Student Health Services, even if the faculty or staff member has received a COVID-19 vaccine, they are still required to participate in surveillance testing in order to work on campus.


Should you have any questions about this policy, please contact Dana Nagengast at For medical and science related questions, we will put you in contact with someone from Student Health Services at The Claremont Colleges Services.