Harvey Mudd Community Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Harvey Mudd community is mobilizing to help address urgent local, national and international needs arising from the COVID-19 crisis. Here are some of the efforts underway. We will update this page as we learn of new endeavors.

Prof. Weiqing Gu Examines COVID-19 Data in New Course

Students dug into COVID-19 data in real time in a new five-week spring semester course led by math prof. Weiqing Gu. COVID-19: Data Analytics/Machine Learning was a project-based, online course in which students used big data analytics and machine learning techniques to extract unique insights from the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset.

HMC-Wide Effort Produces Face Shields for Healthcare Providers

Thanks to a collaborative effort among Harvey Mudd College alumni, faculty and staff, the College has begun producing hundreds of face shields to be distributed to local healthcare providers.

Prof. Lelia Hawkins interviewed by CapRadio about air pollution

Chemistry professor Lelia Hawkins was interviewed by CapRadio about how the stay-at-home order is reducing air pollution and what the measures can teach us about fighting climate change.

Prof. Sharon Gerbode and faculty donate extra PPE

Harvey Mudd College faculty members, led by physics professor Sharon Gerbode, gathered excess personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies from their labs and donated them to Huntington Memorial Hospital this week.

Prof. Paul Steinberg: Don't Ban the Bike

Professor of political science and environmental policy Paul Steinberg writes about the importance of allowing recreational cycling to continue during the pandemic.

Prof. Eliot Bush explains the evolution of the coronavirus

How do we know where SARS-Cov-2 came from? Biology prof. Eliot Bush explains how we can compare genetic sequences between SARS-Cov-2 and related viruses and show that the virus jumped from another species recently, and likely spent much of its evolutionary history in bats.

Meghan Jimenez ’14 shows how to make 3D-printed face shields

Engineering alumna Meghan Jimenez ’14 demonstrates how to make the Manta Face Shield in her web series, “MAKE-ing the Best of It”.

3-D-Printed Face Shield

Engineering alumna Elizabeth Johansen ’01 in collaboration with Design That Matters has developed the first 3-D-printed face shield to be recommended by the National Institutes of Health. The face shield is now in production across the country and abroad. Read more about the face shield and download the design files for 3-D printing.

Nadia Abuelezam '09 Interviewed by MSNBC

Mathematical biology alumna Nadia Abuelezam ’09 was interviewed by MSNBC about COVID-19 transmission. Abuelezam is an infectious disease epidemiologist and an assistant professor at the Connell School of Nursing, Boston College. Watch her MSNBC interview on YouTube.

Suzie Gruber '87 writes about stress management

Suzie Gruber ’87 earned advanced degrees in chemistry and psychology and spent 15 years in biotechnology before returning to her first love: helping people transform their lives. Now a personal development practitioner in private practice in Ashland, Oregon, she helps people manage stress and uncertainty. In a recent blog post, she offers some support, advice and a “When It’s Too Much Toolkit.”

Renee Gittins '12 offers resources for game developers

Renee Gittins ’12, executive director of IGDA, describes the partnerships and resources being offered “to continue to help developers around the world achieve fulfilling and sustainable careers in game development.”

Shelly Miller ’86 on improving indoor air quality

How can you keep your indoor air quality healthy if you’re stuck at home amid a global pandemic? Shelly Miller, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder, addresses some common questions about keeping your home safe.

Voodoo Manufacturing produces PPE

TechCrunch reports that in Brooklyn, Voodoo Manufacturing has repurposed its 5,000-square-foot facility to mass-produce personal protective equipment. On its website, CombatingCovid.com, Voodoo has provided a way for organizations in need of supplies to place orders. Voodoo Manufacturing was founded by Max Friefeld ’13, Oliver Ortlieb ’12 and Jonathan Schwartz ’13.

Alyssa Pierson '10 co-creates UVC disinfecting robot

Alyssa Pierson ’10, MIT CSAIL research scientist, co-created a UVC-equipped robot that powerfully disinfects surfaces and neutralizes aerosolized forms of the coronavirus. The disinfecting robot can cover a 4,000-square-foot warehouse in just half an hour and neutralize approximately 90 percent of coronaviruses on surfaces. The project was a collaboration between CSAIL, Ava Robotics and the Greater Boston Food Bank.