Residential Life Opening Plans

Dear Students,

Thank you for your patience with regards to our residential opening plans. The State of California issued guidance for higher education institutions this afternoon, during a planned meeting of the Executive Committee of the HMC Board of Trustees to discuss our fall plans. The Executive Committee of the board has reaffirmed its confidence in our ongoing plans to bring students back to campus this fall. Upon a preliminary reading, we do not believe the state guidance places any obstacles in the way of our opening, although, as expected, there are restrictions on certain kinds of activities such as dining services, etc. While LA County may still weigh in on this matter, we are cautiously optimistic that we will be able to bring back to the campus the students who have already signed up to be in residence for the fall.

For those planning to buy airline tickets for your travel to Mudd, I advise that you consider adding traveler’s insurance as the pandemic has added a great deal of uncertainty to our lives and activities. We will be sending out the recommended packing list to students this weekend.  Please make sure that you read carefully our protocols, policies and guidelines for the Fall at on our Stay Safe @ Mudd website so that you will be adequately prepared for the contactless move-in, the mandatory two-week quarantine period and other related items.

Be well and be safe,


Anna K. Gonzalez, Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students