June 11 HMC Update on Fall Academic Calendar

Dear Harvey Mudd College Community:

Below is a joint message from the President’s Council of The Claremont Colleges regarding the revised 5C undergraduate academic calendar for fall. While the colleges have agreed on a joint calendar, they have not yet made decisions on whether instruction will be delivered in-person via hybrid modalities or online. As you know, the HMC Board of Trustees has asked the College to plan for three scenarios, the preferred being in-person, hybrid delivery of instruction. We also anticipate guidance from state and county public health officials, which may determine the method of instruction.

In the revised Academic Calendar, the two days normally reserved for Fall Break will be used for instruction instead. In addition, while instruction ends prior to the Thanksgiving holiday, students (and their families) should consider carefully whether they would like to return home for the holiday this year. If providing in-person instruction, our plan is to allow students to stay on campus through the end of the fall term. However, students who elect to go home for the holiday will not be allowed to return to campus and will need to complete the semester remotely. Thanksgiving is one the busiest times for travel in the U.S., and the risk of students potentially being exposed to COVID-19 while traveling back and forth to campus is too great for us to allow them to return after they leave. We encourage our students to consider remaining on campus for the holiday if at all possible.

Students who do choose to leave November 24 will receive a room and board credit on their student account for the days not used (the time period from November 25 through December 4, the end of the semester). This will be reflected on their statement dated December 31.

We are working very hard to develop plans for the fall semester that we can share with the board and with our community. We anticipate many changes and adjustments will need to be made to safeguard our community while ensuring we can successfully deliver the outstanding education Harvey Mudd College is known for providing. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Thank you,


Thursday, June 11, 2020

The Claremont Colleges would like to update our community on the planning efforts for the fall. Although many important decisions have not been finalized, the overall structure for the fall is taking shape, and we would like to share one important element of our plans with you in an effort to provide as much notice as possible.

The Presidents’ Council of The Claremont Colleges has approved a fall academic calendar for the five undergraduate institutions. This schedule attempts to minimize the impact of COVID-19 and the flu season on our community during the winter months.

Under the new schedule, the first day of instruction will begin August 24, one week before the traditional start date. Undergraduates will complete all coursework by Tuesday, November 24, 2020. Final exams and assessments will be conducted remotely and completed by Friday, December 4, 2020. This early start and early end by Thanksgiving will allow students to travel home for Thanksgiving and remain there, rather than traveling back and forth for Thanksgiving and increasing the potential for virus spread.

G. Gabrielle Starr
Pomona College

Len Jessup
Claremont Graduate University

Lara Tiedens
Scripps College

Hiram E. Chodosh
Claremont McKenna College

Maria Klawe
Harvey Mudd College

Melvin L. Oliver
Pitzer College

Sheldon Schuster
Keck Graduate Institute

Stig Lanesskog
Chief Executive Officer
The Claremont Colleges, Inc.