HMC Tuition Payment Agreement Deadline Extended

Dear Students and Families,

We’ve received questions from some of you about the upcoming June 10 deadline for completing the Tuition Payment Agreement. Given that the Harvey Mudd College Board of Trustees has not yet decided whether students will be on campus this fall—nor has there yet been an agreement among The Claremont Colleges about potential date changes to the fall semester— we are extending the deadline to return the Tuition Payment Agreement.

We anticipate that once we are able to announce a decision by the board for the fall semester, we will provide families an appropriate amount of time to complete the Tuition Payment Agreement. At this point, we do not believe it is fair to expect students and families to make this kind of commitment when the College isn’t yet in a position to announce dates and plans for the fall.

We hope that we will be able to announce the revised academic calendar soon. We continue to coordinate with the undergraduate colleges in Claremont to plan for various scenarios for instruction. As you may remember, the board has asked the administration to conduct planning around three scenarios, the most likely of which is a hybrid instructional model involving both in-person and online instruction with strategies that protect the health and safety of our students.

If the board decides we will offer in-person instruction this fall, please know that we anticipate implementing a number of restrictions on activities and movement between campuses as well as other changes that we believe will be necessary to safeguard our students’ health as well as that of our faculty and staff. Until a vaccine for COVID-19 is widely available, we plan to follow the best available guidance from the State of California and from public health officials so that we can continue the College’s educational mission. This will likely include requiring face masks, reduced density in residence halls, symptom screening before attending class and work, additional dining options that allow for increased physical distancing, online instruction for larger courses, using larger classrooms to ensure greater distancing for in-person courses, etc. In addition, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has not yet released guidance for higher education—several members of The Claremont Colleges community have been participating in the development of this guidance, and we hope to have those guidelines in the near future so that we can adjust our planning as necessary.

In closing, we are working to pull together another Inside Mudd videoconference for current student families and for the families of our incoming and transfer students later this month. Please be on the lookout for an invitation in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we will update you with additional information as decisions are made. I want to thank you all for your patience and for your trust in Harvey Mudd College.


Maria M. Klawe