Following our aim to offer psycho-educational programs and services emphasizing positive behaviors to enhance health, academic and/or work performance, HMC Wellness offers activities that serve to raise awareness about wellness and encourage practical applications to increase wellness.

Wellness Programs

Wellness Compliments

Want to express gratitude or send a compliment to a friend, faculty, or staff? Fill out the online form or write one in person and drop it off in the locked box in the Platt mailroom.

Wellness Retreat

HMC Wellness offers a whole-day retreat on campus during spring creak to help Mudd students step away from the daily fasts and demands of academics at a convenient location and time. Students participate in various activities that aim to enhance emotional, social, and physical wellness. Through these activities, students learn about the eight dimension of wellness and practical ways to apply this knowledge to increase their wellness in their daily lives.

Mental Health Awareness

HMC Wellness is dedicated to providing a safe environment for all students to learn about and seek support for mental health concerns. With the hope of creating this environment, HMC Wellness strives to increase awareness about mental health on campus by hosting programs that engage students, faculty, and staff in discussions about mental health issues on campus, how they are perceived, and ways to support members of the Mudd community to seek effective services to address their mental health concerns. HMC Wellness also offers faculty and staff training about signs of distress, psychological disorders, and how to provide support to students in distress.