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Dean Q, Associate Dean for Health and Wellness

Dean QDean Q joined Harvey Mudd College in January 2013 as associate dean of student health and wellness. Trained as a clinical scientist, Dean Q received an APA-accredited PhD in clinical psychology and had more than a decade of experience working with college students as a professor, administrator, therapist/counselor and researcher.

Dean Q’s mission is to lead prevention and intervention efforts to increase mental wellbeing, support work-life balance, and create a self-sustaining culture of inclusive Wellness for all campus constituencies. An overarching umbrella goal is to achieve a Healthy Campus status by 2020. Dean Q established the Office of Health and Wellness (OHW) in August of 2015 and currently supervises the coordinator of wellness programs and a part-time International student coordinator. Dean Q also provides one-on-one support, triage, and referrals for students; psychoeducational workshops and trainings, and ongoing student didactic and support groups; and workshops and consultations for staff and faculty. Dean Q also supervises the wellness peer educators, in addition to M.A. and doctorate practicum students through the Mudd Wellness Internship which was established in fall of 2015. He is also involved in training various student groups on campus, including PALS, mentors, proctors, Summer Institute, sophomore retreat, Wellness retreat, among others. In fall of 2015, he also assumed a role for the Office of Disability Resources consulting on student ADA accommodations.

Dean Q serves as a representative to the 7-C committees for mental wellness and is the advisor to several student groups including the 5-C Students for Mental Wellness. He enjoys teaching a cultural psychology class (aka; “the Mudd culture class”) at Scripps College every spring. He remains fascinated by the human psyche, and is proud to be a “psychological engineer”.


  • PhD in clinical psychology, University of South Florida
  • M.A. in clinical psychology, University of South Florida
  • M.A. in psychology, American University of Beirut
  • B.A. in psychology, American University of Beirut

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Dean Q’s office is located in the east wing of Platt Campus Center, adjacent to the Division of Student Affairs office.

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Michelle Harrison, Assistant Dean for Health and Wellness

Michell HarrisonAs the assistant dean for Office of Health and Wellness, Michelle Harrison oversees wellness programming on campus, works with the wellness peers and graduate students, and meets with students one on one.


Michelle is a graduate of the University of Maryland, with a B.S. in public and community health. She also holds an MPH in health behavior and health promotion, as well as an MSW in mental health and substance abuse from The Ohio State University.

Professional Background

Prior to joining Harvey Mudd, Michelle Harrison worked at AIDS Resource Center Ohio as a behavioral health therapist. During graduate school, she was a graduate assistant at The Ohio State University Student Wellness Center where she oversaw a peer health education program, conducted outreach programming, and met with students one on one.

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Michelle Harrison