Health and Wellness

Model and Logic

HMC is dedicated to nurturing and developing the whole person and to supporting personal growth and the acquisition of skills in areas such as creativity, leadership, teamwork, ethics and communication, in both curricular and co-curricular endeavors.

– HMC’s Strategic Vision, 2007

Driven by HMC’s Strategic Vision, HMC Wellness is a campus-wide educational initiative with the goal of helping students thrive, achieve a sense of well-being, reduce risk factors, and bring about balance to their lives. With the eight dimensions of wellness at its core and in collaboration with faculty and staff, HMC Wellness is structured to:

  1. Offer psycho-educational programs and services emphasizing positive behaviors to enhance health, academic and/or work performance.
  2. Increase students’ familiarity with the eight dimensions of wellness and integrating wellness into their academic and personal lives.
  3. Form cooperative efforts with various campus constituencies to enhance healthy lifestyles among students.

In this light, HMC Wellness supports the College’s mission to educate students in science, engineering, math, humanities, and social sciences and to influence their future career paths towards ethical leadership in their respective societies. It is a prevention initiative to complement the intervention component of caring for HMC students.