Memories of Willie Zuniga '17, Page 6

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Hao Cao '17

Suite mate, classmate, friend

Willie was a very caring and warm person. No matter what troubles me, after talking with him, I always feel safe, supported, that everything is going to be OK. We procrastinated together; we go to class together; we struggle together; we laugh together. He is always there for me. I will always cherish those late night talks, sharing our views of the world. He was so proud of his little brother, Andrew. He showed us Andrew’s album when we were out for dinner. I don’t have a brother, but if I did, I’d wish him be like Willie. I miss you dearly, my friend.

Djassi Julien '20

He was my Proctor

I remember when Willie moved into my suite during the Summer Institute. He would always come out when we were doing math homework and try to help us, even though it had been a very long time since he’d done epsilon-delta proofs. Nonetheless, he struggled through it with us every night, and then stuck around for our suite meetings when he could’ve been sleeping the whole time. Willie was always so kind, so willing to do whatever he could for others. I was so excited to be living in Atwood with him as my Proctor this year, and I can’t imagine going through this year without him. He inspires me, even now, to spread love, joy, and opportunity to the world because that’s what he would’ve done. I will always love you Willie, and I miss you.