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Alden Pixley

Hank Krieger, my good friend and most valued colleague.

Karl Haushalter


I have fond memories of eating with Hank in the dining hall and chatting about the college and CMS athletics. Hank was always a valuable source of wisdom and encouragement. I will especially remember his kindness to me when I was a new faculty member at the college. Hank will be dearly missed.

Jill Grigsby


In my early days here in Claremont, I reached out to Hank to work with me on a Claremont Colleges grant modeling the transmission of family names using Markov chains. Every time we met he brought patience, insight, and most of all, good humor. I will miss seeing the twinkle in his eye when he greeted me. Thanks.

Art Benjamin

Colleague and friend

Hank was my colleague, my mentor, my collaborator, and my friend. From the moment, I joined the department Hank and Rita treated me and Deena like family. He will always hold a special place in my heart.

Weiqing Gu

I still cannot believe Hank has passed away… Hopefully I am having a nightmare…tears in my eyes… I am still seeing him walking through the campus and working in his office… This is extremely sad news to me…

Hank is an extremely kind person; he had been dedicating his life to the community of Claremont Colleges, especially to HMC. Hank was a wonderful Chair of our Mathematics Department and a great Chair of the Faculty. He is always a great resource for helping and supporting. I still vividly remember that he drove me back to the Claremont hotel after my job interview at HMC 26 years ago…Hank hosted several department retreats at his beach house…We had great time together as colleagues. Hand will live in our hearts forever!!