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Roger Dannenberg

Friend and colleague

I only wish I I could have spent more time with Bob. We had some great discussions especially years ago when I visited him at Harvey Mudd. I’ve always admired and followed his work. What a great guy. We’ll all miss him.

Katherine Breeden


I’ll never forget the unexpected joy I felt the first time I heard Bob playing trumpet. It was late at night my first year as a prof, and I was frazzled about something or another when I was stopped in my tracks in the stairwell. I listened at the door for a long time. I wish I could thank him now for how generously he always shared his gifts (musical and intellectual) with others.

My heart goes out to Bob’s family in this difficult time.

Ran Libeskind-Hadas

Colleague and friend

I feel very grateful to have spent more than two decades as Bob’s colleague. Bob was always encouraging and supportive. Among the many things that he taught me is that a healthy give-and-take within the workplace can be done with mutual respect. Bob taught this by example. He was an incredibly good person and cared deeply about his students and colleagues.

Adrian Sampson '09


I remember Bob as a research mentor who encouraged me to explore off-the-beaten-track ideas far beyond what we learned in his machine learning class. Bob helped me understand the transformative potential of thinking about research that I still pursue today. In my current life of research & teaching, it happens surprisingly often that I stumble across some old, foundational work that has Bob’s name on it—his mark on CS is broader and deeper than I knew when I was at Mudd. I’m grateful I had the opportunity to learn from him.

Weiqing Gu


We miss you, Prof. Keller!
As if it were yesterday, we were chatting on the way to the Hoch-Shanahan Dining Commons regarding your Neural Networks course and my Mathematics of Big Data course…tears in my eyes…I still could not believe that you have had left us…You are alway so humble, wise, and friendly with a big smile…You will live in our hearts forever!