8. The Inner Dorms

Four, two-story dorms create the first grouping of student residences.

West Hall

There are single and double rooms for 88 residents, with bathrooms between sets of rooms and a main lounge. West Dorm has a “speaker suite” where residents play music of their choice for all to enjoy. Its other traditions include Halloween trick-or-treating and pranks.

Mildred E. Mudd Hall (East)

The first building constructed on the Harvey Mudd campus (1957), this dorm was named for the wife of Harvey S. Mudd, the College’s namesake. The dormitory houses 88 students in single and double rooms adjacent to bathrooms. The main lounge is a popular gathering spot. East Dorm traditions include grafting different citrus trees together and bringing in a bounce house.

North Hall

Single and double rooms, with bathrooms located between pairs of rooms, house 88 students. Residents take intramural sports very seriously and enjoy lawn sports, outdoor activities and playing music.

David X. Marks Hall (South)

The 72 students in this dorm enjoy three- and four-person suites that contain single rooms, a living area and bathroom. Doubles in South are reserved for first years. Residents enjoy a community kitchen, central lounge, courtyard with tire swing and a mega-sized outdoor chess set. South Dorm owns a fleet of unicycles (a tradition begun in the 1970s), and residents host an annual petting zoo.

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