9. The Outer Dorms

A short walk away, there are five more dorms, ranging from two to three stories.

J.L. Atwood Residence Hall

Atwood is a three-story dormitory with 12 identical suites and outdoor balconies. Each suite has a living area, two large bathrooms, a triple, a double and four singles. There are also 12 doubles that open directly into the center courtyard; six of them have kitchens. The 120 Atwood residents enjoy barbecues, intramural sports and listening to music in the courtyard.

Case Residence Hall

Four sections with single and double rooms, plus four quads, house 100 people. There are three communal bathrooms per section. Case hosts popular Singalong parties and Casemas, a holiday party with fake snow and winter decorations.

Ronald and Maxine Linde

Residence Hall Linde consists of four- and six-person suites, each with a living area, bathroom, and double and single rooms. There’s also a spacious lounge and kitchen area. The 80 residents enjoy weekly barbecues and hanging out in their large lounge area.

Wayne ’73 and Julie Drinkward

Residence Hall The newest dorm on campus, Drinkward is LEED Silver certified. It is divided into an “O” side and a suite side. The O side has three stories of singles, doubles and triples, and each floor has a large co-ed bathroom. The suite side has 12 suites, each with three singles, one triple, a bathroom, kitchen and common area. The 150 dorm residents share a main kitchen and lounge, where there’s a huge chalkboard, a ping pong table, seating and study rooms.

Frederick and Susan Sontag

Residence Hall Sontag was the eighth LEED-certified residence hall in the U.S. and the first in California. It houses 78 students in single and double rooms arranged in suites, each with a full kitchen. Popular traditions include tea and board game events with professors, parties with jazz music and picnics.

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