F. Transportation

Zipcar Rental

The national membership car rental company Zipcar maintains a fleet of vehicles at The Claremont Colleges. For a $25 annual membership fee, which includes a $35 credit for the first month, students can rent vehicles for $7+ per hour and $66+ per day. Gas, insurance and 180 miles are free with rental. Membership applications are available at www.zipcar.com under the Harvey Mudd College partnership agreement.


The Linde Activities Center has mountain bikes available for loan (free). Check with the staff at the front desk for details.

Dean of Students’ Van

Students may use the DOS van for official events sponsored by recognized groups and organizations. Prospective drivers must submit an application form with their driver’s license to the dean of students office. Van reservations are managed by Nikki Ayers in the dean of students office (909.621.8125). The cost of van usage is $.56 per mile.


Students may use skateboards as a mode of transportation around The Claremont Colleges. However, due to the danger to others and the damage to the facilities, Campus Safety will stop anyone who is performing stunts, jumps or tricks. Skateboarding inside the academic and administrative buildings is not allowed.