LAC Staff

Professional Staff

Evetth Gonzalez, Assistant Dean for Student Activities

Evetth can be reached at 909.607.1479

Chris Sundberg, Associate Dean for Student Activities

Chris, or “DC”, oversees activities, programs, events and recreational facilities. He is in charge of New Student Orientation, advises campus activities committees, handles party registration and advises ASHMC. In addition, he teaches basketball and running through CMS’s Physical Education department and a weekly Bible study. He works collaboratively with the other undergraduate colleges at the 5-C Activities and 5-C Orientation meetings.

Chris can be reached at 909.621.8757 or

LAC Supervisors

  • Aishvarya Korde ’17
  • Erica Martelly ’17
  • Kamau Waller ’18
  • Charlee Van Eijk ’18