Linde Activities Center

The Ronald and Maxine Linde Activities Center (informally known as the LAC) is where you can work out, play games, meet kind folks, or just hang out. It houses a gymnasium, aerobics room, workout room, computer lab, a lounge, a game room and massage chair. You can check out Muddbikes, sporting equipment, tools, camping equipment, and lots more! Take a virtual tour through the photo gallery.

You can also play table tennis or pool while watching television. Pretty eclectic, just like most Mudders.

Nikki Ayers, associate director of student activities manages the LAC and is assisted by 25 student employees, four of whom are LAC supervisors (LAC Sups).


The LAC has cardio and weight rooms, meeting rooms, basketball court, video games, a television, an Xbox 360, and a gaming area including foosball, billiards, and ping-pong. This map has a LAC inside layout.

Check out this video for some advice from Sam Woodman if you can’t make it to the LAC for your daily workout:

Room Reservations

A conference room and the gym may be reserved for college activities. If you would like to reserve the aerobics room or weight room, please contact Dean Chris Sundberg.



Seventeen bicycles are available for students to check out for 24-hour periods. You are financially responsible for any bike you borrow. To prevent loss of Mudderbikes, the LAC stresses the importance of locking the frame of the bikes, not just the front wheel, to one of the College’s many bike racks.

General Items

The LAC has hundreds of items that may be checked out by Harvey Mudd students; everything from Nerf guns, to power drills, to speakers.


Netflix and Hulu Plus

The LAC provides access to a flat-screen TV equipped with Netflix and Hulu Plus, as well as local cable stations.


The Xbox 360 located in the LAC’s TV area has Xbox Live. Students can now game online either with their own account or by using the LAC’s, without having to bring their Xbox from home.

GoPro Cameras

We also have two GoPro cameras (a Hero 2 and a Hero 3 Black) available for checkout.