How to “Waive” out of the Student Health Insurance Program (SHIP)

See the Deadlines page, June 20 for information about waiver eligibility.

If you are eligible for a SHIP waiver, visit the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) waiver portal and follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1

Waive SHIP Step 1.1

Enter information into the 3 required fields: Last Name, Date of Birth, School Student ID number (which begins 401xxxxx, do not use any leading zeroes), Click “login”.

Waive SHIP Step 1.2

Step 2

Waive SHIP Step 2

Once you are logged into the Student Waiver Portal, Click on “Create” under the “Action” column.

Step 3

Waive SHIP Step 3

On the Waiver Agreement page, please read through the document. At the bottom of the document, please check the box “I understand and agree with the above statements” and Click “Continue”

Step 4

Waive SHIP Step 4.1

This is the actual waiver page where you enter all your specific insurance details. Information you will need to include: Insurance Company Name, Insurance Company Phone number, your Relationship to the Primary Insured (in most cases this will be “child” or “self”), Primary Insured First name, Primary Insured Middle Name, Primary Insured Last Name, Primary Insured Date of Birth, Insurance Policy/Group Number, Member/Sub ID number. You are not required to upload documents in the “Submit Documentation” section.

Example of completed waiver:

Waive SHIP Step 4.2

Once you have completed the waiver Click the “Submit Petition” at the bottom of the page.

Step 5

Upon successfully completing the waiver petition you will receive this confirmation message:

Waive SHIP Step 5.1

…followed shortly by a confirmation email.

Waive SHIP Step 5.2

Within 3–10 business days you will receive a second email from Ascension with one of three messages:

Approval – sent once after petition is approved. No further communication is made with the student.

Pending – Coverage inactive or requirements not met. Sent at predetermined intervals to students eligible to receive, with specific direction as to how to resolve the petition.

Denial – Sent once after waiver deadline to all Final Denial petitions.