Spring Closing Information

Checkout Procedure

  • All students must sign-up and check-out with a Proctor prior to leaving for the summer break period. Students should sign-up for check-out meetings with their Proctors.  Check-out meetings will consist of a Proctor coming to the student room to confirm the following conditions of check out have been met:
    • Students must return rooms to the original, clean, fully-equipped condition from when they moved in to the room. All College provided furniture (beds, desks, chairs, etc.) should be setup as found (beds can stay lofted); non-College owned lofts, couches, and all other personal belongings must be removed, including anything displayed on walls (posters, tacks, tape, etc.).
    • All College keys must be turned in to their Proctor during their checkout appointment.  Failure to return college keys to a Proctor will result in a “rekey fee” of $150 per key.
  • F&M will conduct room condition assessments after students move-out. F&M will take photos and generate bills for damage, replacement of missing furniture (things you leave in storage may be considered missing), removal of non-College owned lofts, couches, etc. left in rooms, and excessive cleaning of rooms.

Summer Storage

Off Campus Storage

If students cannot bring their personal items home over the summer, we recommend using any local self-storage places in the Claremont area. Many off campus storage options are inexpensive, particularly if students share space. Transportation is sometimes included for free. See the list of local storage companies for more information.

Storage pods

ASHMC, in collaboration with the college, has organized and is facilitating the rental of storage pods to be used by students.

Large items

The only items allowed in residence hall storage this year should be couches and other big items (i.e. big enough that they physically cannot fit in a storage pod).  To coordinate this, speak with your Hall presidents.

Liability for Stored Items

The College is not responsible for items that are damaged, lost or stolen while left in storage over the summer. For that reason, we recommend students take all personal belongings home over the summer.

Residence Hall Closing / Key Return

Residence Hall Closing

All residence halls close on Monday, May 20 at 8 a.m. Only approved summer residents and students approved for the “late list” are allowed to stay in the residence halls. Refer to the Late Stay Request form.The last Hoch-Shanahan meal will be brunch on Sunday, May 19.  Jay’s Place will close for summer after Thursday, May 16.

Key Return

Only summer residents and students approved and on the late list may keep their College keys.  All other students must turn in their keys to their Proctors during their checkout appointment.  All card swipe access will be deactivated the morning of Monday, May 20. Students should NOT turn in College keys via the drop box or to F&M, keys will only be accepted when turned in to a Proctor during their checkout appointment.

Quiet Hours/Noisy Minutes

Quiet hours for all dorms begin on Sunday, May 12, 2019 at noon and end on Friday, May 17, 2019 at 10 p.m. Students are expected to exercise restraint on the noise they create, and respect all requests for quiet. “Noisy Minutes,” an event that allows students to take a break from the quiet, will be from 8:45 p.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday through Wednesday of finals week. Snacks will be served at the Hoch at 9 p.m., immediately after noisy minutes. Friday after quiet hours students are expected to be courteous and conscious of their noise levels.  The DSA Late Night breakfast will be on Tuesday, May 14 starting at 9pm.

Vehicles and Bikes

We strongly recommend that all students take their vehicles with them or move them to a more secure off-campus location.

If a student intends to leave a car in a parking lot, they should remove all valuables, lock the vehicle, and make sure to display a parking permit. It is recommended to park in the parking lot just north of the outer dorms. Many summer residents will be living near this parking area, so there will be other cars around. It is suggested that students who leave vehicles ask their friends to periodically check on their vehicles.

Some parking spaced located above the outer dorms will be designated for storage pods. Please check signage for each parking space.

If students cannot bring their personal bikes home for the summer, they must store bikes in designated storage areas. Only bikes on regular bike racks, claimed by summer residents with a tag provided by F&M will be allowed on campus. All other bikes will have their locks cut, and may be donated or sold.

Trash and Recycling

There will be large, clearly labeled, trash and recycling bins on the Great Lawn. Bins for electronic waste are located just west of Atwood. Books may be donated to the bookshelves in the Platt Living Room or “Take a Book/Leave a Book” lending library in the Learning Studio in Sprague. Clothing and other usable items can be placed in the Planet Aid bins outside Platt and the LAC.


From May 20 to August 1, all first class, domestic mail will automatically be forwarded to student’s permanent home address on file with the registrar. College paychecks will not be forwarded unless students leave a self-addressed, stamped envelope with the mailroom staff. Students can have mail forwarded to an alternate address by contacting the mailroom at (mailroom@hmc.edu). Second, third, and bulk rate mail cannot be forwarded and will be recycled.  All mailboxes will remain active for summer residents until the updated roster is completed on or about August 14.  Michael Slater, the mailroom supervisor, sends out a student email at the end of every year with more details. Mail received after August 1 will be sorted and placed in the mailroom for students to access beginning on September 3. Graduates will have their mail forwarded until December 31, 2019 only. See Student Mail for more information regarding student mail services.

Fall Arrival / Early Arrivals

All residence halls will re-open for upper-class students at 12noon on Sunday, September 1, 2019. Only students authorized by the assistant dean for residential life and on the early arrival list will be allowed to return earlier and must pay approximately $28 per day. Athletes, orientation leaders, mentors, and proctors will be automatically added to the early arrival list and not be charged.  You can request to arrive early by filling out the Early Arrival Request form.  

Summer Residents

Students living on campus over the summer should stay in their current room until Facilities and Maintenance (F&M) notifies them that their summer room is ready. Once notified, students are required to move to their summer room within 48 hours so that F&M can assess and clean the previous room for the next (summer) resident. Students need to turn in their spring room keys once they finish moving. This can be done at F&M on weekdays between 8 a.m. and noon or 1 p.m. and 5 p.m.