Residence Halls

There are nine residence halls on campus, each classified as either an “inner dorm” or an “outer dorm.” Most of the dorms have unique legacy suites, many of which are responsible for playing dorm music. The inner dorms are all U-shaped around a courtyard, with the dorm lounge located in the center of the dorm. Rooms are organized by suites, commonly two rooms that open out to the courtyard connected by a bathroom. The residents commonly socialize in the courtyard and lounge.

The outer dorms are newer and are generally arranged in a more classic suite style. Four to nine students live in singles, doubles and triples, sharing a common suite lounge and bathroom. The outer dorms tend to socialize by suite, but many do socialize in the dorm lounges. No matter the location, each dorm at Mudd has its own distinct culture. The Campus Map shows each dorm location.

Room Draw Guide

Room draw takes place each year in the weeks following spring break. Room draw regulations are decided and voted on by Dormitory Affairs Committee (DAC) in late fall/early spring and announced via the all-campus mailing list (Students-l). All room draw information is located on the Sakai Roster site under the current years folder.

Floor Plans

Complete floor charts for all residence halls as well as locations of off-campus apartments at Brighton Park can be found on the Sakai Roster site.


The student roster published each semester and is located on the Sakai Roster site. The roster includes student’s names, dorms, cell phone numbers and emails.

Housing Contract

The housing contract is a standard agreement to living on campus and is completed before the start of occupancy.

Early Arrivals and Late Stays

Arriving early and staying late is a possibility and is determined on a individual basis. To get approval for either, please contact Chris Sundberg at csundberg@hmc.edu.

Summer Housing

Summer housing is available on campus for students that are participating in a summer programs or research at Mudd. Summer housing and Summer Room Draw is managed by the Office of Facilities and Maintenance (F&M).

Work Orders

Facilities and Maintenance handles work orders for repairs needed in the residence halls.