T-shirt Making in the LAC

The Linde Activities Center offers the student body the option of making their own t-shirts for club, dorm and/or campus events. Those students who wish to make t-shirts for their event needs to fill out the registration form online below and include a PDF or JPEG of their design for approval. All designs must be approved by Dean Chris or a LAC supervisor. T-shirt making will be done in the back office area in the LAC starting at 6 p.m. daily. No exceptions.

Register to make your t-shirt!


The cost is $5 a screen (which lasts 20 prints or sides) and is 5 cents per print or side. (i.e. 10 double sided shirts would cost $6). Payment must be made to Evetth Gonzalez or a LAC supervisor within 5 days of making t-shirts.


Step 1: Making the Silk screen

  • Students should have a silk screen cut to the size of the design(s). (If not, contact a supervisor to get one out of the safe)
  • Place the shiny side of the screen face down on the top side of the design.
  • Make sure the silk screen design machine is plugged in and the dial is set appropriately.
  • Feed the silk screen and design through the machine.
  • Once through the machine, the silk screen should easily peel off.
  • If the belt printed an extra design, or if the silk screen is burnt all the way through, cut another sheet.
  • Duct tape design into the screen holder, located near the sink. Make sure the design is as taught as possible.

Step 2: Preparing to Paint

  • Select paints (Black shirts do not show any paint color well, but feel free to try).
  • Place a conservative amount of paint in the bin.
  • If the top of the paint does not show that binder has been added, add an extremely small amount of binder to the paint (approximately 1 part in 10 by volume).
  • Mix the paint.

Step 3: Paint

  • Place the silk screen and holder in the wooden support and place a practice shirt down with only one layer of shirt on the actual wood (the paint will seep through if you put more than one layer on). Practice shirts are located in the cardboard left over bin.
  • Put paint across the hand held rubber “brush.”
  • Drag “brush” smoothly over design.
  • Inspect print and use scotch tape to cover extraneous holes.
  • When ready, place your shirt where you want the print to be, and begin printing shirts.

Step 4: Seal

  • If you have not done so already, plug in the silver heat machine on the LAC desktop near the sink. (The green light should be on when you first plug it in).
  • Wait for the green light to turn off.
  • Once design is mostly dry, place your shirt in the machine for 30 seconds, and then check the shirt.
  • If the shirt is sticking slightly to the top, gently remove it.
  • Now your shirt is done!

Step 5: Clean Up!

  • Students are required to clean the office/sink area prior to leaving the LAC. All equipment must be returned to the storage area where it is stored long term. Please do not leave t-shirts laying out in the office space overnight.