A Message of Unity from OID & DSA

June 2, 2020

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

It is with anger, sadness, and fear that we reach out to you today. In the wake of the most recent tragedy involving the murder of George Floyd by members of the Minneapolis Police, city-wide protests have been occurring to demand justice and the end of racial violence targeting members of the African American community. These protests carry with them the sentiment and message that was shared by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who once said “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

There are too many people who have been killed by racial violence. These three are among the many:

George Floyd
Ahmaud Arbery
Breonna Taylor

We encourage you to say their names aloud. We urge you to remember and say the other names of people of color whose lives have been taken by racism. By saying their names, by remembering them, we acknowledge that their names matter, their lives matter, #blacklivesmatter. As Mudders, we urge you to show support for our communities of color who are carrying the weight of these tragedies.

Our hope is that as a community we can come together to support our students, colleagues, or friends of color who are surely feeling the pain of these tragedies. Injustice is dependent on indifference. Mudders, now is not the time to be indifferent. Reach out to the people you know who are hurting and let them know they are not alone. What is occurring in our nation, these overt acts of racism, instances of racial bias, acts of microaggressions our communities of color may face because of the color of their skin, are not ok. We as a campus are committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for our Mudd family.

The Office of Institutional Diversity and the Division of Student Affairs is here to support you. Please reach out to us. You can also reach the Monsour Summer ​Campus Health ​telehealth care line which provides 24/7 medical and mental telehealth care for all students, at no cost.

In Solidarity,
Office of Institutional Diversity + Division of Student Affairs