Society of Women Engineers- West Conference held at Mudd

This year’s SWE WEST conference was held on April 5, which an overwhelming number of female high school students attended. The conference was aimed to expose the participants to STEM and give them an opportunity to meet like-minded students as well as professionals. Another one of the goals of the conference was to inform young women and their families about the qualifications and achievements of women professionals in STEM related fields.

LectureThe event included a series of lectures by esteemed guests, including the vice-president of Google, which were directed to encourage the girls to expand their horizons in terms of the working in engineering and computer science fields. These lectures also had information sessions at the end, during which the participants (including their families) could ask any general or specific questions to the lecturers.

Student Panel 2Post lectures and lunch, the women attended a group of discussions with all-female student panels on college life. These ranged from what college admissions are like and what kind of hurdles they have to cross, to why the Mudd Community in particular is special and what kind of position they enjoy in it. These were targeted at only the student participants (no parents allowed) so that they could resolve any personal doubts about studying at a technical school, in an informal setting with people their own age.

Something else that was significant this year was that the HMC Society of Women Engineers got a lot of support from volunteers who were Harvey Mudd students. This goes to show the growing passion for spreading knowledge that the HMC Community shares.


Article by: Kanak Mahip Singh ’16


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