Non-Normative Sexualities Make Their Voices Heard

IMG_0752On Wednesday, April 16, a crowd of students and faculty gathered in the Platt Green Room to discuss the topic of gender and sexual identities. OID’s Associate Dean Sumi Pendakur introduced a panel of students after outlining some of the issues of discovering one’s identity, self acceptance, stereotypes, and the reception of non-normative sexualities. A specific emphasis was placed on the forms of unconventional sexual expression, including asexuality, pansexuality, and polyamory. Pendakur introduced a panel of students consisting of Kathleen Kohl ’17, Stephanie Fawaz ’14, Mitul Verma ’14, and Maggie Thompson ’14, who answered questions about their experiences navigating Mudd’s culture with these identities.

The gender and sexual binaries of male/female and homo/heterosexual have been challenged more and more in recent years. The Claremont Colleges even have their own building, the Queer RIMG_0722esource Center (QRC) on Pomona’s campus, devoted to increasing the awareness of the multitude of choices available with regard to sexuality. The array is most thoroughly described by the acronym LGBTQQIAA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally). To learn more, visit the QRC website

The seminar was part of OID’s “Voices: Real Life, Real Perspectives” speaker series, which presents panel discussions featuring the voices and stories of Mudders and community members.

Article written by: Graham Gordon ’15
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