OID Identity Intersections: Professor Erika Dyson

Monday, March 24th, a large group of students and faculty gathered over lunch to hear from Religious Studies Professor Erika Dyson about her life and journey. She discussed how everyone around us have ideas about who we are and who we should be, although these ideas rarely match up with the way we understand ourselves.

dysonProf. Dyson talked about some of her own personal, political, and professional transformations and how she has managed to stay recognizable to herself amid the babble of others’ preconceptions. She also shared some strategies for remembering one’s self-identity in the face of others’ expectations and judgments, as well as for being sensitive and open towards the identities of others.

The seminar was part of OID’s “Identity Intersections: Faculty Leading Holistic Lives” speaker series, which seeks to expose their journeys, what matters to them, and how they integrate identity, purpose, and passion into their work.IMG_0631

Article written by: Graham Gordon ’15

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