Financial Seminar for HMC Seniors

On Thursday, March 13th, Harvey Mudd College seniors gathered in a classroom to prepare for their financial future. The Office of Career Services invited Bruce Barton ’86 (who now works in personal finance) back to HMC to give a seminar on some of the economic considerations to make when graduating from college and entering the real world (aka the workforce). As interested students munched on gyros, he detailed the four main areas of finance: preparing, earning, saving, and investing to build wealth for retirement.

IMG_0239As students graduate and start to classify themselves as independent citizens, it is critical that they know at least the basics of person finance. Barton’s crash course covered simple issues such as choosing banks and maintaining credit, as well as more complex issues such as choosing benefit packages, stock options, and investment opportunities. Hopefully, this will prepare Mudders to manage money in a productive way, become wealthy, and ensure their ability to retire in good financial standing.

If you missed out on the seminar and are interested in learning more, Bruce Barton recorded the whole thing, so you too can learn about person finance! View the video of the seminar.

Article by: Graham Gordon ’15

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