The Other “F” Word: Feminism

Tuesday, March 4th, students and faculty came together over lunch to discuss the topic of feminism. Sumun Pendakur, Associate Dean for Institutional Diversity, presented information on the subject, as both a civil rights movement and a philosophy owned by men and women alike. She revealed some of the issues behind the stigma associated with the word “feminism,” from the role of patriarchy in society to the conception of women rights activists as “man haters.” Pendakur periodically opened the floor for the audience to express their views of feminism.IMG_0204

The Claremont Colleges have been known for feminist movements, from various events held at Pomona College to Harvey Mudd’s own branch of the Society of Women Engineerings (SWE). When Pendakur asked for a show of hands of who self-identified as a feminist, nearly the entire room participated. While everyone at Mudd may not be feminist activists themselves, it is evident that support for the movement is strong within the community.



Article written by: Graham Gordon ’15

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