Atheists Talk Religion At Panel Discussion

During a busy lunch on Tuesday, February 25th, interested students and faculty members crowded into the Aviation Room of the Hoch-Shanahan dining hall to discuss atheism in modern culture. Four atheist panelists, Assistant Dean of Residential Life Michael Edwards, Computer Science Professor Robert Keller, and students Neftali Dominguez and Arthur Chi, addressed questions about what it is like to be a non-believer in America. Issues of religious profiling, discrimination, blasphemy, morals, and life after death were touched upon.voices of ath 2

At a college that is so scientific and objectively-oriented, religion is something that is rarely touch upon in day-to-day conversations. However, such a major aspect of life is important to discuss from time to time.

A fair amount of the discussion oriented around atheists’ role in modern internet culture, and how a small group of particularly belligerent ones can impact common conceptions of all atheists. As we traverse at the ever-changing social media landscape, where do we recognize the role of faith or lack thereof, and where does it change our perception of religion?

Article written by: Graham Gordon ’15

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