Export Controls

Export controls apply whenever tangible items such as equipment, components, and materials are being sent or handcarried outside U.S. borders, or when controlled information or software code is being shared with “foreign persons or entities” in the U.S. or transferred physically, visually or orally to foreign persons abroad.

Below are some items that may apply to export controls:

  • Chemical, Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering
  • Materials Technology
  • Remote Sensing, Imaging and Reconnaissance
  • Navigation, Avionics and Flight Control
  • Robotics
  • Propulsion System and Unmanned Air Vehicle Subsystems
  • Telecommunications/Networking
  • Nuclear Technology
  • Sensors and Sensor Technology
  • Advanced Computer/Microelectronic Technology
  • Information Security/Encryption
  • Laser and Directed Energy Systems
  • Rocket Systems
  • Marine Technology

The following are descriptions that define terms pertaining to export controls:

  • ITEMS refers to any tangible things, equipment or hardware.
  • INFORMATION can include technical data such as models, formulae, engineering designs and specifications, or technical assistance such as training or instruction.
  • SOFTWARE refers to a collection of one or more computer programs or microprograms in either source code (programming statements) or object code (machine-readable instructions).

For more information about export controls, please visit the Bureau of Industry and Security, U.S. Department of Commerce website.