Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance

As the basic reference source of Federal programs, the primary purpose of the Catalog is to assist users in identifying programs that meet specific objectives of the potential applicant, and to obtain general information on Federal assistance programs.

Each program is assigned a unique number by agency and program that follows the program throughout the assistance lifecycle enabling data and funding transparency. The complete CFDA number is a five digit number, XX.XXX, where the first two digits represent the Funding Agency and the second three digits represent the program. CFDA serves as the authoritative source for all CFDA numbers, including those assigned to American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA, or the Recovery Act) programs.

The types of assistance that faculty would most likely be interested in is the Project Grants Assistance. Project grants consist of funding, for fixed or known periods, of specific projects. Project grants can include fellowships, scholarships, research grants, training grants, traineeships, experimental and demonstration grants, evaluation grants, planning grants, technical assistance grants, survey grants, and construction grants.

To search for a particular CFDA, please visit the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance website.