2018 Summer Math Registration

Monday, May 14 to Friday, June 1, 2018

The Harvey Mudd College Department of Mathematics will offer MATH060  HM and MATH065  HM in the summer session.

Courses meet 5 days a week, except for the week of May 28, which will meet 4 days due to Memorial Day.

  • MATH060  HM: Multivariable Calculus (1.5 units) – 8:45 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. (Dagan Karp and Darryl Yong)
  • MATH065  HM: Differential Equations and Linear Algebra II (1.5 units) – 10:30 a.m. to Noon (Michael Orrison and Jon Jacobsen)

In-class final exams will occur Friday, June 1, ending by 5 p.m. for most students. Students should not plan travel that interferes with these exams.  Students requiring extra time on exams might need to stay later than 5 p.m., and should consult with the instructors prior to making travel arrangements.


  • 1.5 units:  $1,721
  • 3.0 units:  $3,237

Room and Board

The lunch and dinner plan is required for all students living on campus.

  • Room and Board – ($753):  I intend to live on campus and pay for the lunch and dinner plan (Covers room fee for 19 nights, lunches Monday through Friday, and dinners Sunday through Thursday).
  • Board Only – ($240):  I intend to live off campus and eat lunch and dinner on campus (Covers lunches Monday through Friday and dinners Sunday through Thursday).
  • No Room or Board – ($0):  I intend to live off campus and provide my own meals.

First meal in Hoch-Shanahan Dining Commons is dinner on Sunday, May 13.


  • Registration:  Please submit the 2018 Summer Math Registration Form by 5 p.m. on Friday, April 6, 2018.
  • Payment: Arrangements for payment of all fees must be completed at the Office of Student Accounts no later than Friday, April 13, 2018 by 5 p.m.  Checks should be made payable to Harvey Mudd College.

Housing Agreement

  • Please complete the Summer Housing Agreement located on the Summer Housing webpage.
  • All questions pertaining to summer housing and not answered on the link above should be addressed to the Office of Facilities and Maintenance at 909.607.3611 or at facilities@hmc.edu.

Refund Policy

  • Tuition – Full refund (per course) if course is dropped by noon of the second day of class (i.e., Tuesday, May 15, 2018).
  • Board – Prorated on a per board week basis.
  • Room – Prorated to summer housing rate of $27 per night (total of $54 for Monday and Tuesday nights) if move-out completed and key returned to F&M by noon of third day of class (i.e., Wednesday, May 16, 2018).  Late departures incur a fine of $100 per day for each late day after the deadline, as indicated in the Summer Housing Agreement.

Financial Aid

Limited need-based Harvey Mudd College scholarship assistance is available to assist participating students in covering the costs of the Summer Math Program. To be eligible for consideration, a student must:

  1. Have applied and qualified for need-based Harvey Mudd College scholarship funds during the 2017–2018 academic year.
  2. Enroll in all three (3) units offered by the Summer Math Program.
  3. Request financial assistance via the 2018 Summer Math Registration Form by Friday, April 6, 2018.

Students will be notified no later than April 13, 2018, of their eligibility for financial assistance.

Note:  Students and their parents are not eligible to borrow from federal loan programs to cover the expenses of the Summer Math Program.

If you have any questions, contact the Office of Financial Aid directly at financial_aid@hmc.edu or 909.621.8055.