Properties of Materials at Low Temperature – 4A40.00

Solder Spring – 4A40.15

Solder Spring 4A40_15Solder Spring 4A40_15-1

  • Use solder to make a spring like coil.
  • Test it with small masses and observe that the coil does not have spring like properties.
  • Use some extra solder to make another identical coil.
  • Cool the coil in liquid nitrogen.
  • After the boiling of liquid nitrogen subsides hang small masses (10Kg) from the coil and observe the spring’s properties the coil has now.

Location: Jacobs B122

Smashing a Rose in LN2 – 4A40.30

Smashing the Rose 4A40_30

  • Cool a rose in a Dewar of Liquid Nitrogen and smash it.

Location: Jacobs B122

Viscous Alcohol – 4A40.40

Viscous Alcohol 4A40_40

  • A small beaker of alcohol is cooled in a liquid nitrogen bath.
  • Before the alcohol freezes, it becomes quite viscous.
  • Observe the viscous alcohol by pouring it into another beaker.

Location: Jacobs B122