Standing Waves – 3B22.00

Vibrating String – 3B22.10

Vibrating String 3B22.10

  • A string is held under tensions and driven by a variable frequency oscillator.
  • Changing the frequency will change the number of modes.
  • Also increasing or decreasing the tension will change the number of modes.

Location: Keck B127 & Jacobs B122 – Shelf 279

Standing Waves on the Over Head Projector – 3B22.11

Standing Waves OHP

  • Place the standing wave apparatus on the overhead projector.
  • Plug in the apparatus and overhead and turn them both on.
  • Slowly turn the knob on the apparatus until wave patterns appear on the screen or the wall.
  • The apparatus will show clear patterns of one to seven nodes.

Location: Jacobs B122 – Shelf 285

Resonance in Glass Pipe Filled with Kerosene – 3B22.15

Resonance in Glass Pipe Filled with Kerosene 3B22

  • The air inside a very large glass pipe partially filled with kerosene is acoustically excited into standing waves.
  • Once resonating, the locations of the velocity antinodes inside the pipe are dramatically made evident by vigorous agitation of the fluid, resulting in fabulous foaming frothing fountains of fluid.
  • The velocity of sound can also be determined by nothing the resonance frequency and measuring the distance between antinodes.

Location: Demo Room & Jacobs B122 – Shelf 175