Springs and Oscillators – 3A20.00

Mass on a Spring – 3A20.10

Mass onSpring_3A2010

  • Place a hooked mass on a spring.
  • Pull down and release to start simple harmonic motion.
  • If desired, time the oscillation and calculate the frequency.
  • Change to a different mass in order to change the frequency.

Location: Demo Room & Jacobs B122 Shelves 168 and 178A

Air Track Glider and Spring – 3A20.30

Glider with Spring 3A20.30

  • An air track cart oscillates on a stiff spring.
  • The cart oscillates. Change the period by adding weights on the cart.

Location: Demo Room

Air Track Glider Between Springs – 3A20.35

Glider Between two Springs 3A20.35

  • An air track cart is between two light extension springs.
  • Add mass to the glider to change the period.

Location: Demo Room